Interventional Pain and Cadaver Workshop.  

Our new course will run on the 24th-25th October 2024 at the University of Nottingham Campus. Please contact the course Director Dr Dalvina Hanu-Cernat for more details

Or alternatively Mr Ciaran Wazir
Wazir Medical Events London Ltd 
Mobile: 07764943266

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US Workshops (Provisional Programme)

US1 Thoracic medial branch/facet joint block 
Cervical medial branch block
Cervical selective nerve root block 
Cervical sympathetic trunk 
US2 Hip joint injection 
Trochanteric bursa injection, 
Sub. G-Max, Medius and Minimus 
Piriformis injection  
Knee joint injection
Distal ITB peritendon injection 
Tibiotalar joint injection 
Subtalar joint injection 
First MTP injection (foot)
US3 Lumbar medialbranch/facet joint block
 Lumbar selective nerve root block 
Caudal epidural injection 
Sacroiliac joint injection
Genicular RF
Hip RF
US4 SAB injection
AC joint Biceps tendon (peri)
Glenohumeral Joint (any approach) 
Elbow joint
 Medial or lateral epicondylosis tendon sheath injection 
US5 Suprascapular nerve
Greater occipital nerveIntercostal nerve
Pudendal nerve Ilioinguinal/iliohypogastric nerve
Saphenous nerve above knee
Tibial nerve at tarsal canal
US6 First MCP joint 
Hand injections
Median nerve at wrist
Ulnar nerve at cubital canal

Faculty Members

(We will be uploading new photos shortly)

Shyam Balasubramanian

Ganesh Baranidharan

Hadi Bedran